One of the most efficient approaches to restrict the access to your website is to block the IP addresses of the individuals which mustn't be able to open it. There are various good reasons to do this. As an example, you may want a particular individual not to be able to see your Internet site, or you can restrict the access for an entire country. You can also block IP addresses in case you notice that there are way too many web browser requests from them, if a huge number of spam comments are left in your Internet sites or if a script login page has been loaded many times. In any of these cases, the traffic is almost certainly fake and has been created by an automatic bot, so you could safely block any shady IP address, to be on the safe side. In this way, you shall also steer clear of the possibility of your server getting overloaded by a lot of fake requests.

IP Blocking in Cloud Web Hosting

If you order a Linux cloud web hosting package from us, you'll be able to see comprehensive traffic stats for all your websites and if you notice that a large amount of the visits to each of them are not authentic, you can block the IP addresses that have generated the most traffic via our IP Blocking tool. The interface is extremely simple - select the needed domain or subdomain from a drop-down list, then enter the IP address that you want to block and save the change. All of the addresses that you've blacklisted will show up inside the exact same section of the Control Panel, so you're able to always remove any of them and permit it to access your site again. You are able to block entire IP ranges using the tool also - you just have to leave one or two octets from the address blank. For instance, entering 1.2.3. will block all 254 IPs from to

IP Blocking in Semi-dedicated Hosting

You shall be able to block IP addresses easily and stop the unwelcome traffic to any Internet site hosted inside a semi-dedicated server account with us, because we offer a very easy-to-use tool to do that, that is included with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Even if you haven't tackled this kind of issues in the past, you will not have any difficulties, because our tool provides a very user-friendly interface. As you check out the IP blocking section of the CP, you'll find a complete list of all the domains and subdomains that you've added in the Hosted Domains section. All you need to do to block an IP address is select the desired domain or subdomain from a drop-down menu and enter the IP inside the box below. The change shall take effect instantly, so you'll not get any traffic from this address in the future. Removing an IP from the blocked list is just as uncomplicated.